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Minimum Education:

undergraduate course

Recruiting Numbers:



1-3 years

1. Bachelor's degree or above in electronics, electrical automation, and related majors, fresh graduates from 2018;
2. Understand the basic or automation related knowledge of power systems;
3. Ability to independently analyze and handle problems
4. Able to quickly learn new knowledge
5. Solid, serious, responsible, and accessible for communication
6. Having a good team spirit 7. Those with strong interests, enterprising spirit, and a love for challengers are preferred
8. Most concerned about your foundation, potential, and character; Don't mind your existing skills, experience, and background background
Welfare benefits:
1、 Paid time off
1. Weekend and statutory holidays; 2. Marriage leave; 3. Maternity leave; 4. Bereavement leave
2、 Allowances
1. Travel subsidies; 2. Meal allowance; 3. Seniority pay; 4. Full attendance award 3, year-end award 4, social insurance