Yibo Communication Equipment Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hebei Yibo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd., was founded in October 2009 and located in the new area of Hejian City, Hebei Province. It is a manufacturer specializing in the design, research and development, production and sales of optical fiber communication technology terminal kits for the three networks integration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. The head office covers an area of 50000 square meters and has several branches in Hejian, Xiongxian, Cangzhou and other cities, The registered capital of the company is 1.1 billion yuan, and the total assets are 181 million yuan.
The company currently has 485 employees, of which 55% are Telecommunications engineering technicians, including 30% of the total employees with college degree or above and medium and senior technical titles, and 6% of the total employees with senior professional titles.
The main products include broadband boxes, multimedia boxes, fiber optic distribution boxes, optical splitters, fiber optic junction boxes, fiber optic terminal boxes, jumpers, pigtails, leather fiber optic cables, data cables, stainless steel fiber optic cable handover boxes, adapters, fiber optic distribution frames, network cabinets, outdoor cabinets, fiber optic splitters, fiber optic distribution boxes, GPON broadband distribution boxes, fiber optic home boxes, fiber optic panels, and various pipes, steel strands, and iron accessories.
The company has obtained 52 certification qualifications for various types of optical communication production enterprises, and has successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system national standard certification, ISO14001 environmental safety system certification, ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, 16 product certifications from the Taier Certification Center, 8 network access certifications from the State Administration of Radio and Television, 33 utility model patent technologies, and 12 exterior design patent technologies, totaling 45 patents, Received the qualifications of Hebei Province Safety Production Standardization Level 2 Enterprise, Hebei Province Science and Technology Small and Medium sized Enterprise, National High tech Enterprise, Hebei Province Brand Product, etc.


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Yizhi Quality Wins the World

The company has a sales department, a production department (sheet metal workshop, assembly workshop, optical fiber workshop, steel wire pipe workshop), a finance department, a technical inspection department, a sales management department, a procurement and supply department, a warehouse department (raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, steel wire pipe warehouse, equipment warehouse), an administrative personnel department, a bidding office, and a seven department and two room management department, which have improved the company's organizational framework and clarified the division of job responsibilities, We have developed job descriptions and work procedures, and implemented a performance evaluation management mechanism; We have implemented modern ERP management software in production management, warehouse management, and financial management. It has improved the quality of employees, stimulated their work potential and creativity, and enhanced the cohesion and vitality of the group.
In recent years, the company has invested more than 10 million yuan to purchase injection molding machines, full-automatic CNC machine tools, Press brake, plate shears, and ordinary punches; There are more than 160 plastic extruders, stranding machines, crown blocks, 7 steel strand production lines, 8 coil production lines, 6 equipment pipe production lines such as plum hook one-time forming machine, ground anchor cutting machine, ground anchor Press brake, 2 grid pipe production lines, 20 assembly production lines, and multiple jumper, pigtail, leather and optical cable production lines. The annual production of various types of boxes can reach 500000 units, 1.8 million fiber optic products, over 20000 tons of steel strands, over 3 million iron accessories, and over 5 million meters of various types of pipes.
The company has a product inspection and testing room, with over 30 advanced testing instruments including various tests, inspections, universal testing, electronic tensile testing machines, drop hammer impact testing machines, salt spray corrosion testing boxes, and insertion back loss testers.
Adhering to the quality management as the cornerstone, adhering to the quality policy of "doing everything with excellent quality, passing the standard means regressing", implementing a system of job responsibility division and independent cost accounting, and implementing a general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. All types of products of the company have passed the inspection of the National Information Industry Limited Communication Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
Today, Yibo Communication Equipment Group Co., Ltd. always regards integrity, innovation, and pragmatism as the core business philosophy of the company, and provides high-quality manufacturing, high-precision installation, and high-quality services! As the standard of the company, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction. We believe that Yibo Communication Equipment Group Co., Ltd. will work hard and strive to write a brilliant new chapter for Yibo people in the future development path, with the motto of "Yibo Quality, Bo Win the World"!

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