Professional technology center

The company has a product inspection and testing room, with a variety of laboratory, testing, universal test, electronic tensile testing machine, drop hammer impact testing machine, salt spray corrosion test chamber, insertion loss tester and other more than 30 sets of advanced testing equipment.


Service centers


Professional service engineer


32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have guaranteed services

Our Service

Provide accessible Yibo communication service network and original professional services, so that your needs get the fastest response and solution.


Return maintenance

Customers can contact the order management specialist of Yibo Communication through Yibo Communication partners, under his guidance, fill in the repair and replacement application form, and send the faulty products to Yibo Communication maintenance center, engineers will repair the faulty products, and send back to the customer.


Field service

If you need on-site service, the service engineer of Yibo Communication will contact the customer as soon as possible, and send the service engineer who is closer to you to troubleshoot the problem, and all related expenses will be borne by Yibo Communication. If the product required by the customer to be repaired is tested without fault, Yibo Communication will charge the corresponding after-sales service fees to the customer according to the charging standard.


Expert level analysis

At the request of customers, the manufacturer of the product can test the faulty product and issue an analysis report.

Our commitment

If the product you purchased is within the warranty period, Yibo Communications promises to carry out free professional repair or on-site service for the faulty product within the scope of Yibo Communications responsibility.

- If you want to determine the product warranty period, please check the product certificate or order information.
- If you have consulted the warranty product maintenance solution, you are welcome to call the after-sales service hotline 0317-7689809.
- Our technical support is available around the clock 8 hours/day -7 days/week.
- Upon receipt of a service request, the service engineer will communicate with the customer by phone within 2 hours, and for emergencies, arrive on site within 48 hours. For product return testing and maintenance, Yibo Communication promises to complete the preliminary testing within 4 working days. In an emergency, we can send you a replacement product before we receive the faulty product.

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