The proportion of domestic fiber optic broadband users is expected to lead the world

Currently, telecom operators have put network architecture transformation on the agenda, and the SDN/NFV control architecture of the network requires the network to undergo "optical modification". After the implementation of all optical network, adopting FTTH for access network is undoubtedly the most economical and convenient way.
According to Cao Miao from the Broadband Network Research Department of CATR Industry and Planning Research Institute, the development of domestic FTTH users was good in 2016. With the expansion of coverage, broadband users accelerated their migration to the FTTH network. From January to May, FTTH broadband users added 62.18 million, accounting for 66.4% of the total. Overall, the scale of households newly covered by FTTH nationwide in 2016 will continue to grow.
He also pointed out that the leading operators will focus on tackling the remaining copper cable access communities in urban areas, accelerating the completion of fiber to home network transformation, and the difficulty will further increase. In order to ensure the access capacity of 100M broadband for urban households, high-speed broadband technology represented by 10G PON will be actively promoted in urban areas. Broadband application promotion and universal service compensation projects will promote the implementation of national standards for fiber to household, extend to new residential buildings in townships and new rural areas, and achieve significant development of rural FTTH, "he pointed out.
Cao Miao believes that the proportion of fiber optic users in China is currently significantly higher than the average level of OECD countries. In the coming years, the scale of households covered by FTTH in China will continue to grow. Considering the development speed of FTTH users in China in the past year, with the expansion of FTTH network coverage, broadband users will continue to rapidly migrate to the FTTH network. It is expected that FTTH users will further accelerate their growth by the end of this year, The proportion of fiber optic broadband users will rank first in the world.


Righteousness takes quality and wins the world

The concept of Yibo people is "righteousness takes quality, Bobo wins the world" : Meaning: the foundation of the company; Quality: the company's responsibility to employees, products and society; Righteousness for quality: namely, benevolence, friendship, interest source and responsibility and quality, is the responsibility for employees, responsibility for products, responsibility for society.

Which company is good for fiber optic connectors?

The main purpose of fiber optic connectors of Yibo Communication Group Co., Ltd. is to achieve fiber optic connection. Fiber optic connectors, which have been widely used in fiber optic communication systems, have numerous types and different structures. However, upon closer examination, the basic structure of various types of fiber optic connectors is consistent, that is, the vast majority of fiber optic connectors generally use high-precision components (consisting of two pins and a coupling tube consisting of three parts) to achieve fiber alignment and connection. This method involves threading and fixing the optical fiber into the pin, polishing the surface of the pin, and aligning it in the coupling tube. The outer component of the pin is made of metal

Six Sigma Strategy and Practice

Today, with a crisp autumn and clear weather, Huayu Yibo was fortunate to have invited Mr. Shi Yujie from Bailang Education Group to provide training on "Six Sigma Management Strategy and Practice" for its employees.

Happy Teacher's Day on September 10th

Three feet podium, nurturing peaches and plums, writing with a piece of chalk in the fragrant September of the millennium, unforgettable mentor, September 10th, Wishing all teachers in the world a happy holiday ❤❤❤ Salute to the teachers who silently cultivate, selflessly contribute, and light up the hearts of students with love, knowledge, and wisdom! Your thoughts and words are full of poetry, contain philosophy, and appear so magical. How many wonderful ripples have they stirred in the minds of students! Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing cannot be counted as the dedication you have made! Poetry, poetry, and poetry are endless praises of our reverence for you! You use knowledge nectar to pour out students' ideal flowers; You nourish the beauty of students' sentiment with a clear spring of your soul

The reform of the "Yibo Cup" creates brilliance, strives to achieve dreams

On the afternoon of the 5th of this month, our city held the "Yibo Cup" Speech Competition for Advancing Together with Reform and Opening up, sponsored and organized by our company. Our Hongyu company, Jiang Shuya, represented the group company in the competition and won the third honor award. Each speech showcased the changes of the enterprise from small to large, from scratch, building a century old foundation, and creating a world famous brand, which is our unchanging goal. In the competition, starting with the Transportation Bureau and ending with Hongyu Company, each speaker shared their personal experiences or perceptions during the reform period, with the only constant being the "tremendous changes" of these 40 years. With a flick of a finger, our great China has ushered in the era of reform and opening up

Cherish Life, Stay Away from Fire Safety Training

In order to further enhance employees' awareness of fire safety and improve their ability to handle firefighting and rescue operations, on February 27th, the company invited instructors from the fire brigade to organize all logistics personnel to conduct a 2019 fire safety knowledge training in the conference room on the fourth floor. In the training course, the fire instructor systematically explained fire safety laws and regulations, safety systems, and operating procedures, as well as the management, maintenance, and correct use of fire extinguishing equipment. They also gave vivid and detailed lectures on fire escape and self rescue skills, electricity and gas safety precautions, and how to grasp the best fire extinguishing timing, combined with real cases. Fire fighters such as fire extinguishers and Glass breaker were demonstrated on site